Garden Gatherings

Join our captivating journey into the enchanting world of gardening, plant growth, and sustainable practices. Discover practical tips to nurture your soil and embrace environmentally friendly cultivation. Let’s create a vibrant community of passionate green thumbs, connecting with the essence of nature’s roots and shoots. Together, we’ll breathe life into our organic dreams.

Jeden and Rotary – Building Sustainable Partnerships for a Greener, Healthier California

Jeden Bioscience and Rotary Club District 5239 share a commitment to protect the environment, to advocate and support sustainable lifestyles, and to form community partnerships to bring the message and methods to schools and [...]

Comparing Modern Indoor Composters to Traditional Outdoor Compost Piles

Modern indoor bio composter machines, most notably the Reencle Bio Composter differ significantly from old-fashioned outdoor composting piles in their processes and efficiency, though both aim to break down organic waste into nutrient rich [...]

From Scraps to Blooms: Starting a Garden with Compost Magic

Transforming your backyard space - whether large or small - into a lush garden retreat is not only rewarding but it connects you with nature in an interactive way. Here are some tips for [...]

Biochar Empowers Community Composting: Report by Feed and Be Fed

Location: Feed and Be Fed, San Pedro, CA Report by: Alex Penido Sonnenschein. Period: September 19 – December 12, 2023 Feedstock: Food waste 50%, brown materials 45% Additive and application rate: TerraTonic Biochar at [...]

Climate Change: Friend or Foe? Your Backyard Can Help!

Heard a lot about climate change lately? Maybe it feels overblown, even political. But what if it's real? Mother Earth seems to be shouting, with more frequent wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and droughts. We can't [...]

Maturity Matters: Enhancing Compost Quality with TerraTonic Biochar

Composting is a natural way to turn organic waste into soil-enriching goodness, but like all good things, it takes time. Let's dive into this vital stage of compost curing, why it’s not an instant [...]

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