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Join our captivating journey into the enchanting world of gardening, plant growth, and sustainable practices. Discover practical tips to nurture your soil and embrace environmentally friendly cultivation. Let’s create a vibrant community of passionate green thumbs, connecting with the essence of nature’s roots and shoots. Together, we’ll breathe life into our organic dreams.

Biochar: A Promising Tool for Managing Biomass in California

California is facing a biomass management crisis. Decades of forest management practices have led to an overabundance of woody biomass in our forests, which is contributing to the risk of catastrophic wildfires. Biochar can [...]

Supercharge Your Compost with TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster

What if there was a supercharged substance you could scoop into your compost piles for measurable improvement in composting process? There is, and it’s not magic…. It’s science! And it is now available for [...]

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Collaborative Partnership between Jeden Bioscience and Feed and Be Fed

We are excited to announce a collaborative partnership between Jeden Bioscience and Feed and Be Fed, two organizations dedicated to supporting sustainable gardening practices, community nourishment, and environmental conservation. This partnership aims to promote [...]

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Closing the Loop: Biochar’s Role in the Agrifood Cycle

Biochar, derived from organic waste, is a versatile substance that undergoes a thermochemical transformation process in an oxygen-absent condition, with no harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere. This article delves into the possibilities of [...]

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Unlocking the Power of Biochar: Enhancing Soil Health and Fertility

In this blog, we will unlock the incredible benefits of biochar in enhancing soil health and fertility. Discover how biochar positively impacts soil, learn proper application techniques, and witness the remarkable outcomes achieved by [...]

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The History and Importance of Biochar in Sustainable Gardening Practices

Biochar is a valuable natural resource that has the potential to not only benefit the environment but also improve the quality of life for home gardeners. To make effective use of this amazing resource, [...]

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The Benefits of Using Biochar for Composting in Your Backyard

Composting with biochar is an effective, sustainable, and climate-friendly method for improving the quality of compost while reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. What is biochar? [...]