Commercial Bio Composters:
The Game-Changing Food Waste Management Solution

Our advanced commercial-grade composting appliance harnesses the power of natural microorganisms to decompose food waste into compost on-site, quickly and efficiently.

These composters handle food waste from 66 to 220 pounds per day, making it ideal for restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, food processing plants, corporations, and schools.

The Commercial Bio Composters align seamlessly with your operations, minimizing waste and reducing disposal costs, all while producing organic fertilizer for landscaping or donation back into your community.

It’s an investment in both your business and the environment.

Reencle Smart Composter in White
Initial Food Waste
Initial Organic Waste
24 Hrs in Composting
24 Hours Later

Experience 24-hour rapid composting courtesy of the ReencleMicrobeTM

The Smartest Way to Upcycle Food Waste On-site

  • Shrink food waste volume by up to 90% in a single day
  • Track food waste input weight with real-time data collection remotely
  • Save time and labor with low maintenance design
  • User-friendly touch-screen control panel
  • No need to wait to add food waste or retrieve compost
  • RFID user account login
  • Fully automated composting process with minimal noise and odor
  • High energy efficiency
MegaReencle Product

Acceptable Food Waste