Coblue All-In-One Electrolysis Fogger

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Instant All-In-One Electrolyzing and Automatic Dispensing, 99.9% Protection from Germs, 700mL Capacity

Wholesale MOQ is a master box of 8 units.


The Coblue Electrolysis Fogger instantly creates a natural, non-toxic disinfectant that provides 99.9% protection from viruses and bacteria and eliminates odors and filth. 

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI or Electrolyzed) Water is a natural disinfectant 80 times more effective than household bleach. Electrolyzed water is used safely as an antimicrobial, sanitizing, and cleaning agent in kitchens, offices, gyms, hospitals, nursing facilities, schools, daycares, restaurants, hotels, and more.  


  • Flow-through fogger enables immediate all-in-one electrolyzing and automatic dispensing
  • No worries about splashes or spills from transferring disinfectant solutions
  • Produces disinfectant solution with chlorine concentration up to 150ppm 
  • Neatly packaged dry activator sticks are easy to store and use   
  • 700 ml capacity
  • Rechargeable, with USB C-type charging

      Model name: EWS-2022A
      Product dimensions: 100x220x285 (WxLxH) mm
      Product weight: 350g
      Electrolysis capacity: 700mL
      Power consumption: 3.7V, 2200mAh, 8.14Wh
      Power type: 5V, 1~2A, C type USB
      Country of origin: South Korea

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