Mega Reencle for Commercial Kitchens (Silver/Black)

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The Mega Reencle Composter works around the clock, silently and safely converting food waste into nutrient-rich compost. You can add food scraps anytime, without waiting for earlier scraps to finish. Simply scoop out the ready-to-use fertilizer when it reaches capacity. Enjoy a truly clean and convenient composting for your waste management needs.


Upgrade your commercial waste management with the revolutionary smart kitchen appliance that transforms food waste into valuable compost in 24 hours and reduces 90% food waste footprint. 

  • Digest food waste into nutrient-rich compost in 24 hours 
  • Accept most food waste including meat, fish, and dairy
  • Commercial models include 22 lbs., 44 lbs., 110 lbs., and 220 lbs. of food waste daily. 
  • Odor-free 3-layer filter system
  • Semi-permanent and self-replicating ReencleMicrobe (the mother of compost microbes)
  • Long lasting filter life each lasts 9-12 months
  • Add food scraps anytime, no waiting for earlier scraps to finish
  • Quiet operation
  • 30-day risk free trial and 1-year warranty 



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