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Enjoy a truly clean and convenient composting experience!

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The ReencleMicrobe is the mother of compost microbes that continuously digests food scraps into valuable compost.  

The ReencleMicrobe is derived from food and is harmless to both humans and the environment. It works in high acidity and high salinity environments and withstands extreme temperatures!

The self-perpetuating ReencleMicrobe comes with your purchase of the Reencle composter. The mother microbe will last forever as far as you feed her proper amounts of food and moisture and keep her above the Min line inside of the Reencle compost bin. No need to replace or replenish compost additives, which saves you maintenance cost.



        - Dimensions: 12"x13"x18.4" (DxWxH)
        - Product weight: 20.1 lbs.
        - Daily compost capacity: 1.1 lbs. optimum, 2.2 lbs. maximum
        - Inner compartment capacity: 3.7 gallons
        - Power/Voltage: Powered by AC adaptor. 120V/60Hz
        - Power requirements: 110 or 220V/50-60Hz
        - Certifications: KC, CE mark, patents (microorganism, design), various certifications for functions (decomposition, salt, bacteria)

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