SaferGro Fertilizers

Naturally Nourishing Soil and Plants

Organic Pest Controls

Natural solutions for pests, protecting your plants and the environment.

Organic Pest Controls

Enhance soil health, structure, and fertility, and promote healthy plants.

Plant Nutrition

Essential nutrients for optimal plant growth, development, and health.

Growing vegetables in raised garden beds

About SaferGro Fertilizers

Naturally Safer, More Effective

SaferGro offers natural, eco-friendly solutions for healthy soil and plants. Our products use natural ingredients to promote a safer approach to cultivation, benefiting you, your plants, and the environment.

Grow with Confidence

From homeowners to commercial growers, SaferGro provides a range of products to support strong yields and high-quality results.

Trust SaferGro to help your plants thrive beautifully.

Unlock Fertilizer Potential with TerraTonic Biochar

By applying your fertilizer with TerraTonic Biochar, you’ll see better results from improved water use, nutrient absorption, and increased microbial activity.

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