TerraTonic Biochar

Boost Your Soil Health, Reduce Your Impact

Enhance your garden and landscaping health naturally with the TerraTonic Biochar family of products, scientifically designed to improve soil quality and support plant growth with environmentally conscious solutions.

  • Strengthen Soil Fertility
  • Increase Moister Levels
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

TerraTonic Biochar Products

Compost Booster

Enhance your compost like never before with TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster, the secret weapon for avid gardeners and organic farmers aiming for superior quality compost.

It not only speeds up the composting process but also improves aeration and moisture retention, reduces odors and emissions, boosts microbial life, and ensures nutrients stay put, all while being kind to the planet.

Carbon Sink

Turn your garden into a climate champion with TerraTonic Biochar! Fill up your own container with our specially formulated biochar to sequester carbon efficiently, enrich soil, and fight global warming.

By using TerraTonic Biochar, you’re not just nourishing the earth—you’re actively investing in a sustainable future by creating a robust carbon sink right under your feet.

Soil Conditioner Coming Soon!

Revitalize your soil with TerraTonic Biochar Soil Conditioner, the all-natural choice crafted from pure plant materials.

Our soil conditioner can help fortify fertility, invigorate microbial life, and cut carbon emissions with just a sprinkle in your garden.

Unlock Soil Potential with TerraTonic Biochar

TerraTonic Biochar is a charcoal-like substance made from forest biomass residue that is pyrolyzed at high temperatures (>500°C) in an oxygen-limited condition. This process effectively retains biomass’s organic carbon (>80%) in its porous structure.

Benefits of TerraTonic Biochar