TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster

Calling all garden enthusiasts and organic farmers! Get ready to take your composting to the next level with TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster. Don’t settle for average composting – unleash the full potential of your organic waste for your garden or farm.

  • Accelerates Composting Process
  • Improves Aeration and Moisture
  • Reduces Odor & Emissions
  • Enhances Microbial Activity
  • Retains Nutrients and Compost Quality
  • Protects the Environment

About TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster

TerraTonic Biochar, made entirely from Wood Biochar, is carbon-friendly and versatile. With its remarkable porous structure, it efficiently retains oxygen, moisture, and nutrients, fostering an ideal environment for enhanced microbial activity!

TerraTonic is created by thermally transforming softwood forestry residues within a controlled environment that has limited oxygen. This process effectively minimizes the emission of gases into the atmosphere.

TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster Benefits

Using TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster

Indoor Use


Outdoor Use