Commercial Composters

Efficient On-Site Composting for Businesses

Our commercial-grade composters quickly and efficiently break down 66-220 pounds of food waste per day, making them perfect for restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and more.

Minimize waste, reduce disposal costs, and produce organic fertilizer with our on-site composting solution. It’s a smart investment for your business and the environment.

Reencle Smart Composter in White
Initial Food Waste
Initial Organic Waste
24 Hrs in Composting
24 Hours Later

Experience 24-hour rapid composting

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The Smartest Way to Upcycle Food Waste On-site

  • Shrink food waste volume by up to 90% in a single day
  • Track food waste input weight with real-time data collection remotely
  • Save time and labor with low maintenance design
  • User-friendly touch-screen control panel
  • No need to wait to add food waste or retrieve compost
  • RFID user account login
  • Fully automated composting process with minimal noise and odor
  • High energy efficiency
MegaReencle Product

Acceptable Food Waste

Acceptable food scraps for Reencle Composter


Daily Capacity (Weight) 66-LB 110-LB 220-LB
Maximum Content Capacity (Dry Gallon) 65 111 227
Compost Discharge Capacity (Dry Gallon) 27 45 93
Equipment Weight (Pound) 730 886 1,265
Dimensions (WxDxH, Inch) 51 x 32 x 41 70 x 33 x 41 82 x 43 x 49
Power Consumption 3.80 kW / 0.7 kWh 5.75 kW / 1 kWh 8.15 kW / 1.8 kWh

Experience the Reencle Composter

Join the Smart Composting Revolution for a Cleaner World!

MegaReencle Product

Comprehensive Services & Technical Assistance

We help businesses and communities reduce food waste and environmental impact with a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Installation and setup
  • Training and technical support
  • Data collection and analysis on food waste reduction progress
  • Compost packaging and sharing
  • Equipment financing support
  • Grand application support