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Reencle Smart Composter

Join California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 48% by 2030 with the help of the Reencle composter.

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Californians can receive a special discount on the retail price by using the promo code “ZeroWaste” during checkout.

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Jeden fosters a sustainable future by advancing eco-friendly innovation in the agrifood industry.

Meet Reencle: The World’s First Rapid Bio-Composter

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Reencle Smart Composter Reviews

“My top pick, the Reencle, produced a light, well-broken- down mix from pretty much anything I threw in it.”

“This handy gadget effectively composts up to 2 pounds of food waste every 24 hours. And it returns 90% of it back to nature!”

“This thing is pretty darn quiet!”

About Jeden Bioscience

Jeden is dedicated to advancing sustainable living through innovative food production and consumption methods. We aim to make a positive impact on our communities and build a better future by promoting a more environmentally-conscious way of life.

Join us in our mission to create a healthier and more sustainable world.

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