Jeden Bioscience: Building a Better Future

Family in Garden

Jeden and Rotary Club District 5240 are partnering together to promote environmental sustainability and support the Earthwise Education Program. This initiative will aid residents, businesses, and municipalities in achieving their organic waste landfill disposal reduction goals outlined in SB1383.

Reencle Smart Composter

Easily transform food scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your garden with Reencle Composter. It’s an ideal gift for the environmentally conscious individuals in your circle. Enter promo code “EARTH” at checkout, also join our Greener California Program

Family in Garden

Embrace sustainability and meet SB1383 requirements with our Commercial Bio Composters. This innovative system transforms up to 220 pounds of food waste daily (40 tons per year!) into rich compost on-site, reducing waste disposal fees and environmental footprint. 

The odor-free, mess-free composter for your kitchen