Reencle Composter

The First Microorganism Composter

The one true kitchen-to-garden composter that turns food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer in just 24 hours.

Reencle: Revolutionizing Onsite Composting

Say goodbye to tedious composting with Reencle’s continuous bioprocess system. Our technology is low maintenance, efficient, and cost-effective, processing food waste like meats, fish, and dairy with ease.

With built-in sensors and a programmed mixing cycle, Reencle ensures optimal temperature and oxygen levels for efficient decomposition. Plus, it’s the quietest bio composter on the market.

Reencle reduces up to 90% of your food waste footprint, producing nutrient-rich compost for your garden, plants, and crops. Join the Reencle revolution and start composting smarter, not harder. Get your Reencle Composter today!

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Turn Scraps Into Organic Fertilizer

Add food waste to the Reencle Composter at any time, without waiting for earlier scraps to finish.

When the compost reaches capacity, scoop it out and mix with TerraTonic Biochar. Let it cure for 3 weeks in a breathable container or bag.

Check for dark, crumbly texture and earthy smell. When ready, combine with 3 times as much soil and apply to lawn, garden, or potted plants. The fertilizer provides essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth and vitality.

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Initial Food Waste
24 Hrs in Composting
Twenty-Four Hours

Experience 24-hour rapid composting

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Reencle Composter Mimics the Human Digestive Process

Reencle Composter uses cutting-edge technology inspired by the human digestive system to transform your food waste into nutrient-dense compost with the help of ReencleMicrobe™. Simply place chopped food waste inside the Reencle and let the powerful microbe break it down into compost. This process works in a similar fashion to the way the human digestive system breaks down food.

The Reencle composter uses the latest scientific insights and innovations to make composting easier, more efficient, and more eco-friendly than ever before.

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3 Layer Filter

Introducing the Zero-Odor, Three-Layer Filter System

Experience fast organic composting without any unpleasant odors. With the longest-lasting filters in the industry and a breakthrough 3-layer filter system, Reencle seals in odors for a truly clean and convenient composting experience.

Experience the Reencle Composter

Join the Smart Composting Revolution for a Cleaner World!

Transform your commercial food waste into nutrient-rich compost in just 24 hours with our Bio-Composters. Available in three models, they efficiently convert organic waste into compost, reducing your footprint by up to 90% daily.

Choose from capacities of 66, 110, or 220 pounds to fit your business needs.

MegaReencle Commercial Composter

Frequently Asked Questions About Reencle Composter

Welcome to Reencle composting!

  1. Unpack and pour all the ReencleMicrobe into the power connected Reencle composter.
  2. Pour 1.5L of clean water evenly over the decomposing microbes and close the cover.
  3. Wait for 24 hours before putting any food waste.
  4. After 24 hours, start to put food waste.

To keep the microorganisms healthy, feed them carbohydrates or protein-rich foods like bread for their first food.

When the material reaches the Max line, remove some compost, leaving some at or above the Min line for microorganisms to continue decomposing.

Mix equal parts of compost and TerraTonic Biochar to boost compost maturity.

Let the mixture rest and cure for at least three weeks in a breathable container or bag.

  • Food waste and material size: Cut large items into smaller pieces and avoid hard, inedible items to prevent malfunctions.
  • Moisture balance: Composting materials should resemble damp beach sand with 10-30% moisture.
  • Oxygen: Microorganisms in the Reencle need oxygen for optimal function. Dense or web materials may limit airflow, hindering decomposition and causing odors. Keep the appliance running 24/7 to maintain the composting process. Keep the Reencle inner mesh filter free of particles. The stirring blade follows a 26-minute cycle to ensure consistent mixing and oxygen supply, supporting continuous food waste decomposition.
  • Temperature: Reencle maintains a 122-142 degrees Fahrenheit (50-61 degrees Celsius) temperature range, ideal for rapid decomposition. This process eliminates harmful elements and preserves nutrients, creating compost in 24 hours or less.

The internal temperature of the product is set to be maintained at 122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (50-60 degrees Celsius), which is suitable for culturing microorganisms. When 6-7 cups of water are initially added, or in the course of general food decomposition, condensation may occur on the cover and the inner walls due to the difference between the internal and external temperature. Condensation is a natural phenomenon and is not considered to be a problem.

Mold is often found over the microorganisms, inner sidewalls, and the stirring rods, but has nothing to do with microorganisms. Use the shovel provided to mix it with the byproduct inside the stirring tank and the mold will disappear after a few hours as they are decomposed with the mixture. Keeping the interior walls clean will help prevent mold. 

The stirring rod rotates near the center of the product. Although it mixes most microorganisms, byproduct may collect in the corners, leaving microbes to accumulate on the corners and walls. Use the provided shovel to scrape these microbes and mix them with the mixture before adding food.

If you are away from home for less than 7 days, use Reencle as you normally would, and refrain from putting food in the Reencle for two days before your departure.

If you will be away from home for more than 7 days, refrain from putting food in the Reencle 2 days before departure to ensure it completely decomposes the existing waste in the bin before you leave. On the day of departure, turn off the product and unplug the power cord.

You do not need to remove the byproduct/microorganisms from Reencle. Simply leave it closed. When you return, turn on the Reencle, add two cups (16.9 oz) of water to the mixture and leave it for 4-6 hours before starting to use it again.

The aggregation of the microorganisms found inside of the product indicates insufficient decomposition of the microorganisms. Give them more time for decomposition and do not add additional waste into the Reencle. After the microorganisms return to their original form, which may look like soil, it indicates that it is ready again to decompose the food.

The smell of microorganisms depends on the type of food you put in. In case of strong odors, add bread and wait to add any other food waste for at least 1-2 days.

Using the dry mode for one day helps to dry the microorganisms. With the microorganisms further dried, add a shovel of coffee grounds or pieces of bread with food waste to help neutralize the odor.

If the microorganisms encounter greasy substances or oily mixtures, they will not be able to decompose them properly and it will result in unpleasant odors.

This happens because the greasy substances create a barrier that hinders decomposition and disrupts the ideal balance of air and moisture.

To address this issue, you can add a shovel of TerraTonic Biochar, coffee grounds, or pieces of bread to balance the material composition.

If the oily material and strong smell persist, you may need to replace your microorganisms.
To place a replacement order, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call (855) 852-0235.

Greasy microorganisms can also occur when processing oily or greasy foods, such as oil, butter, fat from meats, or other greasy foods. To avoid this, avoid adding too much food.

No, Reencle uses a patented microorganisms mix that temporarily converts into a spore state (sleep state) in case food input ceases. It does not die easily. However, the state of the microorganisms may deteriorate, and in such cases, please contact our customer support with a video attached in order to receive help on restoring the microorganisms.

No, the microorganisms go through auto-synthesis over time and as long as you follow the guidelines to ensure decomposition goes smoothly, there is no need to make additional purchases. Just make sure to at least the minimal levels of microorganisms when scooping them out.

Frozen foods may cause the microorganisms to enter a spore state (sleep state) and may cause deterioration to the state of the microorganisms because they lower the temperature inside Reencle. Moreover, the stiffness of frozen foods makes them hard to decompose and may also cause damage to the stirring rod inside of the Reencle.

Please make sure to thaw frozen foods before putting them inside of the Reencle and refrain from putting in solid foods.

For safety measures, the stirring rod functions only when the covers are closed.

The inside of Reencle consists of heat insulating materials, keeping the condition ideal for the microorganisms to decompose foods when in operation. Therefore, if the food input is little to none, the inside of the Reencle may become dry. When dry, Reencle may cause noises. In this case, the inner walls of the Reencle may also become soiled with particles, the filter contaminated, and powders may be released to the air.

When dry, input additional food waste or 2-4 cups (500-900 ml) of water in order to prevent friction within the Reencle.

Cleaning Reencle with water can damage the machine and void your warranty. It’s important to use a dry cloth or a wet wipe to clean the inner walls and the mesh filter. Keeping the mesh filter free of dust is important for maintaining proper air flow in and out of Reencle, which is necessary for proper oxygen levels.

The black fragments are activated carbons. Do not remove them as they serve the purpose of providing a steady supply of oxygen to the microorganisms during the initial stages of cultivation, as well as deodorizing. Activated carbons help the young microorganisms adapt faster to the environment inside, but lack of activated carbons does not affect the decomposing capabilities.

There are no health risks associated with the microbes of Reencle Composter. We have done extensive testing and there is no pathogenic risk in the microbial starter since the bacteria are extracted from Cheese and Soy.

However, it’s always good to be cautious and follow proper handling and safety guidelines when using any compost, depending on individual’s sensitivity.

  • Wear gloves when handling compost.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling compost.
  • Ensure proper ventilation around the composter.