Comparing Modern Indoor Composters to Traditional Outdoor Compost Piles

January 23, 2024

Modern indoor bio composter machines, most notably the Reencle Bio Composter differ significantly from old-fashioned outdoor composting piles in their processes and efficiency, though both aim to break down organic waste into nutrient rich compost to return to gardens and lawns to enhance soil.


The Limitations of Old-Fashioned Outdoor Compost Piles

Slow, natural decomposition of food scraps left to sit in an outdoor pile over weeks and months is the time-consuming method of old-fashioned composting. This process takes many months to produce usable compost. It also requires someone to regularly turn the pile manually with a shovel, and to constantly monitor temperature, always hoping the temperature stays in the preferred range to maintain optimal decomposition. There is also the ever-present issue of flies, rats, and pests which are attracted by the smell.

Accelerating the Composting Process with the Reencle Bio Composter

The Reencle Bio Composter has advanced the process and utilizes technology and science to accelerate the composting process. The Reencle is equipped with automated systems that regulate temperature, moisture, and aeration, maintaining ideal conditions for microbes to break down food scraps within 24 hours, which significantly cuts the overall decomposition time as compared to the old-fashioned way.  Rich compost that is ready for the garden is created in just a few weeks. The unit comes with a package of microbes that never need replacement when used according to directions.

Convenience and Versatility of the Reencle Bio Composter

With traditional composting, it’s necessary to have enough outdoor yard space to create and maintain a compost pile or bin. The Reencle Bio Composter is perfect for single family homes of any size, even apartments. Though there is an initial cost to purchase, it uses very little electricity, and emits no smell, and no noise. Also, it produces nutrient-rich compost for backyard gardens, community gardens, or to share with neighbors.

Environmental impact is another crucial factor. Undoubtedly the amount of food waste that is kept out of landfills is a plus unto itself. The Reencle composter reduces food waste by 90% using an energy efficient, minimal amount of electricity.

Making a Choice: Traditional vs. Modern Composting Methods

While old-fashioned composting, for those who have the time and space for it, remains a noble option over separating, packing, and trucking food scraps to landfills, the Reencle Bio composter offers speed, efficiency, and the ability to process a wide range of materials in the convenience of your own home.

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