The Journey to a Greener Future

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We want to strengthen our green future together! At Jeden Bioscience, it’s not just about learning or understanding the importance of sustainable practices but taking proactive steps towards creating a greener world. With our blog and updates, we hope that you will get inspired by ways to make eco-friendly decisions that have an impact on both your community and environment. Let’s come together in this journey to create a better tomorrow for generations ahead!

Jeden and Rotary – Building Sustainable Partnerships for a Greener, Healthier California

February 1, 2024|

Jeden Bioscience and Rotary Club District 5239 share a commitment to protect the environment, to advocate and support sustainable lifestyles, and to form community partnerships to bring the message and methods to schools and[...]

Comparing Modern Indoor Composters to Traditional Outdoor Compost Piles

January 23, 2024|

Modern indoor bio composter machines, most notably the Reencle Bio Composter differ significantly from old-fashioned outdoor composting piles in their processes and efficiency, though both aim to break down organic waste into nutrient rich[...]