Collaborative Partnership between Jeden Bioscience and Feed and Be Fed

August 16, 2023

We are excited to announce a collaborative partnership between Jeden Bioscience and Feed and Be Fed, two organizations dedicated to supporting sustainable gardening practices, community nourishment, and environmental conservation.

This partnership aims to promote the use of TerraTonic Biochar, a highly porous compost additive, to enhance soil fertility and produce higher quality compost and organic vegetables for the local community.

Enhanced Soil Fertility and Reducing Waste with TerraTonic Biochar

Biochar, incorporated into compost and gardening practices, offers numerous benefits. It helps aerate compost piles, retain moisture, and accelerate the decomposition process. Additionally, TerraTonic Biochar prevents carbon release into the atmosphere and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi, leading to improved soil fertility.

Feed and Be Fed, a non-profit urban garden and farm, has already converted over 6 tons of food waste into nutrient-rich compost to enhance soil fertility. With the addition of TerraTonic Biochar from Jeden Bioscience, they anticipate even healthier soil.

Alex Sonnenschein, a member of the Feed and Be Fed’s leadership team, believes that allows for the utilization of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators, reducing the emission of harmful gases like methane. By incorporating TerraTonic Biochar into their compost and gardening practices, Feed and Be Fed is taking a significant step towards promoting regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

Advancing a Sustainable Agrifood Sector through TerraTonic Biochar

Jeden Bioscience is dedicated to raising awareness about the advantages of biochar and actively seeks partnerships with businesses and organizations to supply biochar for gardening and organic growing purposes. By engaging in community education and collaborating with local entities like Feed and Be Fed, Jeden Bioscience aims to contribute to a sustainable future for the agrifood sector.

To learn more about Jeden Bioscience and connect with us, you can reach out via email at or by calling (855) 852-0235. For additional information, please visit our website at You can also visit the website of Feed and Be Fed at to learn more about their organization.

By working together, Jeden Bioscience and Feed and Be Fed are not only benefiting their respective organizations but also contributing to the broader movement towards sustainable gardening practices, community nourishment, and environmental conservation. This partnership showcases the potential of TerraTonic Biochar to enhance composting process, reduce organic waste in landfill disposals, and promote regenerative agriculture. Together, they are striving towards a more sustainable and nourished future for their local community and beyond.

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