Supercharge Your Compost with TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster

August 25, 2023

What if there was a supercharged substance you could scoop into your compost piles for measurable improvement in composting process?

There is, and it’s not magic…. It’s science! And it is now available for compost use at homes and community gardens.

What Is It and How Does It Work?

TerraTonic Biochar is a carbon-friendly substance made entirely from wood biochar; a type of charcoal made from residues of softwood forestry burned by a specific method (called pyrolysis) resulting in a nutrient rich soil amendment.

Pyrolysis involves burning these wood waste at extremely high temperatures with limited oxygen, which minimizes the emission of gases into the atmosphere, and leaves a porous, carbon-rich, solid residue char. The porous nature of this biochar locks in carbon and retains air, water, and nutrients, in addition to promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

When biochar is added to compost piles as a compost booster, its absorbent nature speeds up the decomposition process and benefits the soil and plants by helping to aerate the compost pile, while preserving the essential nutrients to create healthy, productive compost in a shorter timeframe.

Not only does it provide essential carbon and encourage beneficial organisms to thrive during the composting process, but it also helps the planet by keeping carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

Boost your compost, enliven your plants, and help the environment.

Where Can I Get Some?

TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster is now available for gardeners and farmers in 1 cubic foot bags for $28.99 per bag through this link: 2 quarts and 1.5 cubic yard bulk sizes are also available.

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