Celebrating World Environment Day at Jeden Bioscience

June 5, 2023

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, Jeden Bioscience is proud to join in on this global initiative for promoting environmental awareness and action. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, this annual event serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect our planet and environment from further degradation.

2023’s Theme: Solutions to Plastic Pollution

This year’s theme “Solutions to Plastic Pollution” urges governments and businesses to accelerate tackling plastic pollution and transitioning into a circular economy. As we know, plastic pollution has become an increasingly severe problem worldwide with devastating consequences for both marine life as well as human health.  It’s time that we take concrete steps towards eliminating single-use plastics from our daily lives – starting today!

Our Role in a Sustainable Future

At Jeden Bioscience, sustainability has been at the core of everything we do since day one. We believe that it is only through meaningful partnerships between governments, companies, communities, and individuals that can ensure a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come. Through ongoing efforts ranging from revolutionary on-site composting solutions to waste-derived soil amendments such as biochar – we have taken several initiatives aimed at repurposing waste while also increasing efficiency across all aspects of our business operations.

Taking Action: Creating a Brighter Future for All of Us

We understand that no single action will solve all environmental issues but together we can make great strides towards creating a better tomorrow for everyone on Earth! That’s why this World Environment Day is not just about celebrating past successes but also looking ahead so that our actions today are paving way for a brighter future tomorrow!

Let us come together today—as citizens of planet Earth—to pledge each other support in taking small yet impactful steps towards making sure every corner of this world remains healthy and vibrant enough for generations after us! Happy World Environment Day everyone!

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