Jeden Showcases Products at the World Ag Expo 2024

February 15, 2024

Jeden Bioscience highlighted its TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster and the Reencle Composter at the 57th World Ag Expo. This premier agricultural event gathers professionals, industry leaders, and enthusiasts worldwide, with over 1,400 exhibitors in extensive exhibit space. The Expo has become a platform for not only showcasing innovations but also promoting sustainability in agriculture, focusing on eco-friendly practices like composting and water conservation.

Innovative Products Showcased: TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster and Reencle Composter

Jeden’s TerraTonic Biochar improves soil water retention and enhances compost and soil health. Visitors to our both witnessed the Reencle Composter in action, learning about its ease of use in converting food scraps into compost at home. The Reencle helps residents comply with SB1383, California’s mandate to reduce organic waste in landfills by 75% by 2025.

Impact and Reactions: Promoting Sustainability in Agriculture and Environmental Practices

Attendees were impressed by the Reencle’s capability to produce nutrient-rich compost in just 24 hours, compared to traditional outdoor composting methods. Jeden is committed to leading the industry towards sustainability and addressing environmental challenges. For more information, contact us at


TerraTonic Biochar Compost Booster, designed for enhancing composting process and compost quality.

Reencle Composter, converting food scraps into nutrient-rich compost in just 24 hours.

MegaReencle Composters, designed for commercial food businesses to reduce food waste footprint by 90% in a single day and comply with SB1383’s organic waste reduction mandates.

SB1383, new statewide mandatory organic waste collection