Gratitude for Thanksgiving: Cultivating a Rich and Fulfilling Life

November 20, 2023

Here’s a secret: Giving thanks every day leads to a rich, fruitful, abundant, productive life experience all year long. Scientific studies continually show that gratitude is a powerful practice in mind, body, and spirt: Neurologically (repatterns brain activity); emotionally (reduces depression, lowers anxiety); and physically (lowers blood pressure and increases immunity).

How to Cultivate a More Grateful Attitude

Many people give thanks before meals to acknowledge gratitude for the sustenance and deliciousness of that which awaits. Many are taking this further to include thanks to those who have brought them the food, prepared the food, to those who have gathered it from the fields, and to the very fields themselves.

It is the very fields themselves where Jeden puts so much loving focus and attention. Our beautiful planet earth needs all of us now to show our love, appreciation, and support.

Jeden Bioscience’s Commitment to Sustainable Agrifood

Jeden’s net zero agrifood practices strive to do just that. Net zero simply means off-setting / reducing / equalizing greenhouse gas emissions. Crops cannot be grown without releasing greenhouse gases into the air; what a net zero system does is make sure that these emissions are offset, resulting in environmental, economic, and health related benefits.

Jeden’s products help to do that. We are a resource for the Reencle home composter that makes it easy to reduce food waste by converting it to organic fertilizer; the MegaReencle, a line of commercial composters for larger food service organizations; and for TerraTonic Biochar, a soil / compost amendment that improves soil health, retains moisture and nutrients, and promotes microbial activity all designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jeden Bioscience sends warm gratitude to our friends and customers who are reaping the benefits of the Reencle Bio Composter and / or our TerraTonic Biochar soil / compost amendment. We continually commit to bringing fuller life to your plants, flowers, vegetables, gardens, and crops.

We Invite You to Join Us in Giving Thanks Every Day

Life is like a garden and when cared for and tended to properly, the sky is the limit to how green and vibrantly healthy it can be.

Please join us as we give thanks today, on Thanksgiving Day, and every day!