Reencle Composter: Tips for Best Results

November 7, 2023

Accolades abound for the Reencle Composter!

Users report convenience, no noise, no smell, efficiency and ease of use, and the ability to process a wide range of daily household food waste within 24 hours, including meats, fish, and dairy.

By eliminating up to 90% of your food waste from landfills, not only are you doing a wonderful service for the environment, but you are also producing nutrient-rich compost to help your garden, plants, and crops to thrive. It’s a win-win!

When used as directed in the easy-to-follow instructions, the process is a breeze. For the best results, please refer to the helpful tips provided below.

Food waste and material size

Reencle can decompose most common food items, including meat, fish, and dairy. For the best results, cut large items into smaller pieces (less than 1 inch in any direction), avoid hard, inedible items.

Moisture balance

Keep your composting materials at a moisture level similar to damp beach sand, with 10-30% moisture. If the materials look too dry or you hear a clicking noise, simply add 1-3 cups of water (or left over coffee, milk, etc.) to moisten them. If the materials are too wet, turn on Dry mode for 1-5 days and pause adding waste. Balanced moisture prevents microorganisms from going dormant or lacking oxygen which may cause foul odor.

Daily food waste amount

Reencle can compost 1.5 pounds of food waste, not more than 2.2 pounds, per day, but it is best to add less than that. If you have more food waste than that, you can store the excess in your refrigerator and add it to Reencle later.

Keep the mesh filter clean.

The mesh filter is located inside the Reencle bin and does not require replacement. However, it is important to keep it clean for smooth airflow. Use a wet towel or brush to clean the filter.

Your finished compost

Inside the Reencle bin, you’ll find Max and Min lines on the left side, above and below the small clear box. When the composting materials reach the Max line, remove some compost, leaving some inside at the Min line so that the microorganisms to continue decomposition.

Compost curing phase

Like all fruits need time to ripen, compost also needs time to cure. We recommend waiting at least three weeks before mixing the compost with soil. Consider mixing your compost with TerraTonic Biochar to enhance its quality during the curing process and after application to the soil.

For other troubleshooting questions

For a comprehensive list of troubleshooting questions and answers, visit our website You can also download the latest user guide sheet and manual there. the latest user guide sheet and manual are available for download there.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us at (855) 852-0235 or email


  • Reencle Bio Composter for homes
  • MegaReencle Bio Composters for commercial food businesses and institutions